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Short description PyLatencyMap provides latency heat map visualization for the CLI. Use to collect and visualize latency histograms from SystemTap, DTrace, Oracle wait events, trace files. The tool is written in Python. Current version: v1.2, March 2015. PyLatencyMap is also available on github.
See also this blog entry on PylatencyMap and this other entry on how to get started with PyLatencyMap.

A tool for Oracle AWR analytics: data mining and visualization using Excel. Current version: v3.7.1, February 2015.
Se also
blog entry on Perfsheet4 and this video on getting started with PerfSheet4 A collection of SystemTap scripts for Oracle userspace investigations and I/O tracing. Last updated: October 2014. See details in the this blog entry on SystemTap and Oracle and blog entry on Oracle I/O tracing. A tool for collecting and displaying Oracle wait event latency details using heatmaps, implemented for the CLI.
It is a SQL*Plus script, with a core written in PL/SQL. Current version: v1.2, March 2014. 
See also: blog entry on OraLatencyMap and blog entry on OraLatencyMap v1.1

A collection of DBA scripts I use. Current version: April 2014. Includes top.sql and ash.sql scripts. See also the description of the scripts at this blog entry., a script for Oracle performance analysis: high frequency sampling of X$KSLWH for latency studies of random IO. collects the history for the blocks read into the cache using data from X$KSLWH.
See also the blog entry on event sampler.


A perl-based script to read and write single blocks from Oracle datafiles in ASM. See also blocg entry on testing lost writes.

See blog entry on hash-collisions-sql-signatures-and.html: hash_birthday.sql, hash_birthday_signature.sql, find_dup.sql, Hash_Collisions_Results.txt and scripts for parallel execution of the hash collisions search.

md5.sql and md5_with_chr0.sql scripts to compute md5 hashes and reproduce the calculations of hash_value and signature in Oracle. See blog entry on sql-signature-text-normalization-and.html

EVENT_HISTOGRAM_METRIC - Use: study latency of disk access
Examples: @ehm 15 db%sequential -- collects histogram data for 15 second on db file sequential read. @ehm 15 log%file%sync -- histogram for log file sync


A collection of scripts for monitoring and troubleshooting: read from v$ views of the type metric, such as sysmetric, eventmetric, iometric.

The scripts and tools linked here are provided for free download and usage. They are made available in the context of knowledge sharing, typically as an extension of the author's presentations and articles. No warranties nor guarantees are made about their correctness, reliability and safety. Use them at your own risk.

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