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         Performance Analysis of a CPU-Intensive Workload in Apache Spark

         Apache Spark and CERN Open Data Analysis, an Example

         Diving into Spark and Parquet Workloads, by Example

         On Measuring Apache Spark Workload Metrics for Performance Troubleshooting (sparkMeasure)

         Spark notes (hosted on GitHub):

o    Spark_Performace_Tool_sparkMeasure

o    Spark_For_High_Energy_Physics

o    Tools_Spark_Linux_FlameGraph

o    Spark EventLog

o    Tools_Linux_Memory_Performance

o    Spark_SQL_UDF_Examples_Mandelbrot

o    Tools_Linux_OS_CPU_Disk_Network

o    Tools_Parquet_Diagnostics


         IPython/Jupyter SQL Magic Functions for PySpark

         Apache Spark 2.0 Performance Improvements Investigated With Flame Graphs

         How to Buld a Neural Network Scoring Engine in PL/SQL

         IPython/Jupyter Notebooks for Oracle

         Linux BPF/bcc for Oracle Tracing

         IPython Notebooks for Querying Apache Impala

         SystemTap Guru Mode and Oracle SQL Parsing

         PerfSheet.js: Oracle AWR Data Visualization in the Browser with JavaScript Pivot Charts

         Linux Perf Probes for Oracle Tracing


         Extended Stack Profiling - Ideas, Tools and Comments

         Slides of the CERN Talks at UKOUG Tech15

         Oracle Wait Events Investigated with Extended Stack Profiling and Flame Graphs

         Linux Kernel Stack Profiling and Flame Graphs Applied to Oracle Investigations

         Add Color to Your SQL

         Diagnose High-Latency I/O Operations Using SystemTap

         Heat Map Visualization of Latency Histograms for NetApp C-Mode

         Event Histogram Metric and Oracle 12c

         Heat Map Visualization of I/O Latency with SystemTap and PyLatencyMap

         Latest Updates to PerfSheet4, a Tool for Oracle AWR Data Mining and Visualization


         Talks at UKOUG TECH 2014 with CERN Speakers

         Life of an Oracle I/O: Tracing Logical and Physical I/O with SystemTap

         SystemTap into Oracle for Fun and Profit

         Scaling up Cardinality Estimates in

         ASM Metadata, Internals and Diagnostic Utilities

         Oracle Optimizer Investigated with Flame Graphs

         Flame Graphs for Oracle

         A Closer Look at CALIBRATE_IO

         Recent Updates of OraLatencyMap and PyLatencyMap

         Wait Event History Sampling, an Experiment in Oracle Performance Analysis

         Clusterware 12c and Restricted Service Registration for RAC


         How to Recover Files from a Dropped ASM Disk Group

         UKOUG Tech13, Latency Investigations and Lost Writes

         Daylight Saving Time Change and AWR Data Mining

         Getting Started with PyLatencyMap: Latency Heat Maps for Oracle, DTrace and More Sources

         PyLatencyMap, a Performance Tool for Latency Data Visualization

         DTrace Explorations of Oracle Wait Events on Linux and Solaris

         OraLatencyMap v1.1 and Testing I/O with SLOB 2

         Oracle Events' Latency Visualization and Heat Maps in SQL*plus

         Testing Lost Writes with Oracle and Data Guard

         AWR Analytics and Oracle Performance Visualization with PerfSheet4


         Active Data Guard and UKOUG 2012

         Command-Line DBA Scripts

         How to Turn Off Adaptive Cursor Sharing, Cardinality Feedback and Serial Direct Read

         Recursive Subquery Factoring, Oracle SQL and Physics

         Listener.ora and Oraagent in RAC 11gR2

         Purging Cursors From the Library Cache Using Full_hash_value

         Kerberos Authentication and Proxy Users

         Hash Collisions in Oracle: SQL Signature and SQL_ID

         SQL Signature, Text Normalization and MD5 Hash

         SQL Patch and Force Match


         Performance Metrics Views

         Of I/O Latency, Skew and Histograms 2/2

         Of I/O Latency, Skew and Histograms 1/2



Last updated: November 2017